Isy roars into a rap music video

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TEENAGE rapper Islam “Isy” Hussain has recorded a music video at a Keighley car showroom.

Isy, from Highfield, was filmed with supercars at the Motorhub in the former Damside multi-storey car park.

The budding hip-hop star’s song Flash and its video and are now available on leading music streaming services Spotify and iTunes.

The video has also been submitted to video channels such as MTV as Isy tries to build on the success performing across the UK.

South Craven School sixth former Isy is the son of Keighley hip hop promoter Sabir Hussain, also known as Saby Khan, who organises hip-hop music events in Dubai and the USA.

Radio presenter Saby acted as executive producer on the video as well as managing his son through his company Goodfellaz Events.

Isy said he took up rapping to create awareness of homelessness, unemployment, bullying and other issues affecting young British people.

He said: “I wrote a few songs and passed them to father to check them. He wasn’t impressed, which motivated me to become an artist.

“My song Flash is based on my hard work which led to my success, and I wanted to share that feeling.

“Motorhub got interested and they spoke to Lamborgini to sponsor our music video.”

“My father has been getting calls in from rappers from the USA to work with me including 2pac’s group The Outlawz, Dj Motiv8 from the Black Eyes Peas, and California producer DJ King Assassin.

Like Isy, Saby started out in the entertainment business as a teenager, organising music events for fellow students of Keighley College before progressing to organising after-show parties for well-known rap groups.